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A brief company presentation


 Galaxy Catering is the oldest operating service catering in Attica. It begun its operation in 1982 and has its legal form since 1990.

Is a member of a group of companies that is owned by Tsilichristos family- a family of entrepreneurs operating for 43 years in the industry of food production and  distribution, as well as the management of venues, such as restaurants, coffee shops, bar, clubs, etc.

The group consists of well known brands such as Amfitheatro, Mercedes Café, Villa Mercedes Venue Café  & Club, Privilege, Cinema Club, Elefsinia Mystiria.


Galaxy Catering was created in an effort to accumulate the experience of the group:

  • in the service catering and event planning that specializes in custom designed events including weddings, corporate functions, fundraisers, open houses, cocktail receptions, theme parties, and much more.
  • in providing catered lunches for employees in private and public companies such as

o   Technicas Reunitas Hellas SA

o   TMU Contractions Hellas SA

o   West Attica Prefecture,

o   Petrola

o   Apion Kleos

o   Elefsina’s Shipyard

o   Aviation – VIP & Prime Minister’s Jet etc

  • in organizing, catering and servicing corporate events and conferences for clients such as:

o   Hellenic Petroleum (HELPE)

o   ΤΙΤΑΝ Group,

o   Skondras Fashion SA

o   Energy Events sa

o   Metrica SA

o   ΕΤΕΜ sa

o   GILEAD sa

o   Air Liquide Hellas SA

o   Hellenic Logistics


o   Deloitte Touche &Tohmatsu etc

o   ESHΑ etc
Our catering services include location selection. There is a variety of venues either managed by Galaxy or chosen by the clients i.e.  estates, residences, venues for events and conferences  (Megaro Athinon, S.E.F., Zappio, The Hub etc.),


Our production units are situated in Elefsina and Glyfada, however we are able to transfer our production to the customers’ venue, if the necessary equipment exist.

Our food is our business. We promote Greek producers, cherish local produce, work with the seasons and create traditional Greek or Mediterranean dishes, as well as gourmet menus of international cuisine.


It is our companys indisputable strategic choice to manufacture all our products using traditional techniques and raw material of the utmost quality. We refuse to follow the trends of the international catering community, which lead companies to use precooked meals, readymade mixtures (i.e sauces, marinades) conservatives and flavor improvement chemicals.

As a result of our aforementioned commitment we participate along with the Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the School of Medicine (Athens University), the Agricultural University of Athens and INKA (Consumer Institute) in the European research program HECTOR.
Goals of the program, among others, are:

  • recording and studying the eating habits of European
  • forming protocols for healthy nutrition, which shall be followed by food production companies in order to improve the quality and nutritional value of their products
  •  creating a manual for nutrition and dietary guidance for European consumers aiming at improving their diet.


Galaxy has seized the experience gained by its participation in the program using the help of nutritionists from the School of Medicine (Athens University). Thus since 2008 we try to improve the nutritional value of the food we offer, either by replacing raw materials of low nutritional value  with others (i.e. replace crème fresh or mayonnaise with yogurt, replace salt with lemon juice or other spices, etc) or by improving our production methods.


Galaxy Catering  has a corporate social responsibility program. The company sponsoring various institutions within the Thriasion Pedion, where its operation first begun, and where its first production unit is situated. We are committed to making a positive difference in the communities where we live, work and do business.

The core focus of our community efforts is the welfare of children, especially those at risk that is why we donate food at the Pyrounakio Institution for feeding the homeless and children. Also we donate food to the Association of Animal Protection of Elefsina.

As part of our social responsibility program we have sponsored various events such as:

  • Kallitechnoupolis Reforestation Program (2009)
  • Europe Corporate Events (2008-2009-2010)
  • 1st TEDX Athens event,
  • Athens Start Up Weekend etc


Galaxy Catering   since 2009 operates in accordance with the procedures defined in HACCP  and has received a certification for implementing  ISO 22000.